Yoga for Teenagers

***YOGA for Teenagers***

Dear Parents,

Yoga for school aged children and teenagers brings unique benefits which allow them to relax and unwind, improves focus and teaches how to manage stress as well as ensure physical fitness.

In my 6 week course designed specifically for teenagers, I incorporate Yoga with Mindful Eating, and Resilience Building Program. All these techniques combined together bring unique benefits to young people; reduced anxiety and tension, improved listening skills, enhanced concentration and memory, to name just a few.

If you want to get more details, or if you have any questions, contact Karolina: 089 418 7147,

Karolina is a certified, experienced Yoga teacher and Nutritional Consultant. She teaches a number of classes around Cork City, including Yoga for Teenagers in Regina Mundi College in Douglas. Her classes are designed in such a way as to encourage development and ensure progress from beginners to more advanced students.

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