About Edwin Flavin

Website: www.energyhealing.ie

“Healing the body at an emotional, physical & spiritual level”

Since beginning the Complementary Therapy journey in 2010, Edwin initially discovered his love of Reiki, and became a qualified practitioner in 2011. He has since trained in IET, Shamanic Healing and Water divining (Dowsing), as he found new techniques to heal at an emotional, physical and spiritual level. He incorporates elements from each technique into sessions as required by the client. Edwin also does land and house clearing to test for geopathic stress, and can heal unsettled land or spiritual presence.

Based in both his hometown of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, and Douglas Cork, Edwin is the resident energy healer at Douglas Yoga Centre, Maryborough Hill. He facilitates sessions there several times a month at the busy centre.