One to One Yoga for Eating Disorders with Louise

Louise worked as a Specialist Counsellor in Eating Disorders Services in England for over 12 years and as a result has an in-depth knowledge of the difficulties involved in treatment and recovery from these illnesses.

As an ex-sufferer of Anorexia and Bulimia herself, Louise believes that mind-body exercises such as Yoga can help people with eating problems increase their level of body satisfaction and reduce the symptoms of their illness.

People with eating disorders often suppress and ignore the natural sensations of their bodies and are ruled by compulsive thoughts and ideas. Yoga offers a unique remedy to this situation by helping individuals with eating disorders begin to listen and respond to what their bodies are telling them. Yoga provides a safe context from which to confront, deconstruct, and move past troubling thoughts without acting on them. Yoga also assists individuals with eating disorders to establish a new basis for self-esteem by shifting the emphasis of self-image away from what the body looks like and toward what the body can do. Listening to the body and responding to its sensations in a positive way is the first step for many sufferers to learn to properly care for themselves and their bodies again.

Yoga also has a profound ability to balance the emotions and has been shown to help relieve depression, anger and anxiety and to promote equanimity: a calm, clear focused mind. Physically, a regular yoga practice can help rebuild the strength, energy, and bone density that is damaged and lost with Anorexia.

Louise says: “The goal of yoga is to teach you how to strengthen your body, your mind and the connection between the two. During yoga, you’ll practice poses that challenge you to build not only strength and stamina, but also mindfulness, stillness and physical and inner balance. The only way to maneuver through difficult poses is to listen to your body, trust your body, and let go of any ego or judgment.”

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