Spiral Stabilization

Spiral Stabilization

Movement, adaptation and compensation

For movement to occur, the human body needs to come out of rest, leaving the current equilibrium state. During the transition from rest to movement, adaptations and compensations take place in order to return to balance, static or dynamic (which happens, for example, during the gait process).

A single muscle contraction generates a tension force that will be transmitted to other muscles through the muscle fascia. This tension is transmitted especially to the muscle chains that participate in bodily action and adaptations.

This tension is transmitted exactly so that the body can guide and perform the movement, avoiding high energy expenditure, pain and injuries. However, if a muscle or muscle group remains in this state of contraction for a long time or does not initiate contraction, the tension force that the muscle fascia will transmit to other muscles will be inadequate, which will cause these muscles to also increase the time of contraction as a form of compensation, this increases energy expenditure and causes the elasticity of the entire system to decrease, making it susceptible to pathologies.

Exaggerated muscle tensions cause the body to expend more energy than necessary, causing fatigue and muscle pain, hindering physical performance, even of athletes.

When there is an injury/pathology or strain in a muscle, other regions and other muscles will also be affected. To be effective, treatment must be global and focus on the root of imbalances, compensations and adaptations and not the final symptoms.

The Method

Spiral Stabilization is a unique rehabilitation method based on simple exercises that strengthens the spiral muscle chains while stretching the vertical muscle chains restoring muscular harmony, symmetry and balance.
As the spiral muscle chains pull the body and the spine upwards the results are: the vertebrae distancing from each other reducing the pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints, which enables their nutrition, regeneration and treatment.

The exercises are done with a specific elastic cord that allows extensive movement of limbs against a small, gradually increasing force. Thanks to this, you can strengthen and stretch all important muscles respecting the natural movement of your body.

Spiral Stabilization effectively treats disorders of the spine and the main joints. Which means that it treats conditions like hip, shoulder, neck and back pain, chronic pain, sciatica, disc herniation, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, headaches, migraines, flat feet, hallux valgus, back pain in pregnancy and more.

As the method is gentle and with gradual effort, it is suitable for children (from 5 years of age), adults, the elderly and athletes.
Also for pregnant women whom this method helps to relieve back strain and make childbirth easier and quicker.

So basically it can be used by anyone who wishes to improve their posture, treat back pain, treat disorders in the spine or main joints, prevent injuries, maintain good health and well- being or to improve sports conditioning.


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