I went to my first ever yoga class in England when I was in my 20’s. I’d heard some vague murmurings about how yoga could make your muscles look longer and leaner and how it could make you feel more relaxed and chilled out… so I wanted in!

That first class was a physically demanding Ashtanga style, taught in a gym with mirrors everywhere and with very little time at the end for relaxation. I ended up spending most of the class comparing my dubious levels of flexibility to the others in the class, and criticising myself and my wobbly postures in the mirrors. Needless to say, it didn’t leave me feeling more relaxed and I quickly stopped going.

It was over ten years later, after relocating to Ireland, that I finally made a return to Yoga.

This time I was settling into life in a new country, raising a young family, grieving the loss of my Mum, and feeling a little anxious, overwhelmed, and burned out. I had spent over a decade working as a Specialist Counsellor in Eating Disorders Services in the North of England, a job that I’d thoroughly enjoyed and found especially fulfilling since I had experienced Anorexia and Bulimia in my teens myself. I had always been interested in holistic approaches to enhancing mental and emotional wellbeing and on my arrival in Cork, feeling less than my best, I began exploring new avenues such as energy healing, breath work, mindfulness, and chanting.

It wasn’t long before I realised that Yoga incorporated all of these elements and enrolled myself on a 6 week Hatha yoga course. That first course turned into another, and another, and another, and before I knew it I was hooked! The immense healing benefits that yoga has on the mind, body, and soul were now obvious to me and it was with great excitement that I finally embarked on my Yoga Teaching Diploma with the YTTC in Cork in 2009.

Since graduating in 2010 I have attended trainings with several world renowned teachers such as Donna Farhi, Bo Forbes, and Judith Hanson Lasater. I qualified as a Kids Yoga Teacher in 2011, completed a Restorative yoga training in London in 2017, and became a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCMs) in 2018.

I’ve also attended trainings on Yoga for Stress, Anxiety, and Eating Disorders (with Yoga Campus in London), and in 2019 I completed a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Advanced Intensive Training at The YogaRoom, Dublin. I’m a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals and at the turn of 2020, after ten years of teaching, I finally qualified as a ‘Senior Yoga Teacher’.

Yoga has given me so much! Not only have I met the most wonderful teachers and students over the years, but yoga has taught me that there is a place inside of me that is peaceful and calm, and it’s a place that I’m happy now to call “home’. I don’t reside there all the time… sometimes life can be stressful and crazy!…but I know it is always there for me to come back to and that yoga is the means to find my way home.

It is just too easy in the busy-ness of our day to day lives to become disconnected from our environment, from each other, from our bodies, and from our selves. Yoga is the perfect way to reconnect and especially for those suffering from any type of anxiety this can bring much needed relief.

I totally believe that everyone can benefit from yoga whatever their age or ability. The only necessary prerequisite is an open mind.

My classes are suitable for all levels. I teach a unique blend of Hatha Yoga combined with scientifically researched mobility exercises that don’t just serve to increase flexibility but also improve the function and health of our joints. I also teach Chair Yoga and Restorative yoga.

All of my classes incorporate some breath work and relaxation as I believe these truly maximise the holistic healing that a yoga class can bring.

Testimonial: “I’ve been going to Yoga with Louise for over 5 years and rarely miss a class. Louise is a very passionate about her yoga practice and the importance of connecting to your body. Each class is tailored to suit all levels with modifications available for postures if needed. At the same time Louise’s energy and passion inspires us to challenge ourselves. Louise is an excellent teacher and each posture is explained clearly. Louise is constantly developing her practice and she takes her students on this journey with her. Each class brings something new, whether its a posture, a tip, or just a little thought to reflect on. Thanks Louise.” ~ Nicola

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