Studio Guidelines

Please read all points below before attending your next class.

  1. All students will be requested to book their class in advance so that teachers can keep a log of all students coming into the studio. No drop-ins will be permitted. We would ask that you please bring your own mat (and any props you might require) to class and ensure that they are cleaned or disinfected before your arrival.
  2. Please ensure that you reach the studio early and remain in your car until 5-10 minutes before your class. This will allow students from any previous class to safely vacate the premises and the teacher to clean and clear the studio space. Please maintain social distancing while waiting or queuing outside the studio.
  3. Our teachers will be very excited and happy to see you but will greet you without close contact (no hugs or handshakes etc.) The wearing of a face mask, face shield and/or gloves has not been made mandatory, but you may wish to wear them, especially as you enter and leave the premises.
  4. You will be invited to come into the foyer one at a time and asked to remove your shoes and sanitise your hands on entry. Please bring as little personal property into the studio as possible. If you are wearing a coat there are hooks provided by the front door.
  5. Class numbers have been reduced and mats will be arranged to ensure social distancing. There are marks on the floor to indicate where each person should place their mat. We ask that as people enter the studio they take up the mats at the back of the room and furthest away from the door first.
  6.  While the class is in progress the teacher will refrain from making hands-on adjustments and will stay on their own mat. We ask that all students stay on their own mats too. The teacher will ensure that the room is adequately ventilated before, during, and after your class. At the end of class teachers will request that students leave the class one at a time and that those on the front row leave first.
  7. We are discouraging the use of the bathroom as much as possible. If you do need to use the bathroom please let your teacher know. There will be antibacterial soap, disinfectant spray and paper towels provided in the bathroom. Please dispose of any paper towels in the pedal bin provided. In between classes the teachers will disinfect all touch points in the studio, including the floor and door handles.
  8. Prices for classes and how payments are made will be determined by your individual teacher. Please contact your teacher in relation to this. We would encourage online payments where possible.
  9. NB: Please do not come to class if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you have been abroad in the last 14 days you may also be required to restrict your movements or self isolate.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Management and Teachers of Douglas Yoga Centre.