One to One Yoga for Anxiety and Stress with Louise

One to One Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

There are many different ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Yoga helps to de-stress you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Regular practice will empower you to release stress quicker and regain a deeper sense of calm, balance and happiness in your life.
Yoga offers a holistic approach to dealing with stress. Yoga exercises, breathing techniques and relaxation all have positive effects on your mind, body and spirit.
Erratic breathing patterns frequently accompany stressful physical responses, therefore yogic breathing exercises can help to calm your nervous system and increase oxygen levels and blood supply to the internal organs, all of which leads to a deeper sense of calm, inner peace and balance. Learning how to breathe correctly is a wonderful skill you can use anytime during the day when you feel overwhelmed, confused and anxious.
Yoga promotes self-awareness at the level of the individual muscles. Many people are unaware of the full extent of muscle tension within their bodies. Unfortunately, runaway muscle tension can lead to persistent aches, pain, and emotional agitation. Yoga postures are designed to release energy, constructively. Yogic awareness, stretching, relaxing, and strengthening of the muscles will allow you to first notice the problem area and then to release the tensions you are holding there. Once these blockages are released energy can more easily  flow through the body; so you have more energy and vitality to cope with demanding tasks.
It has also been noted that those, who regularly participate in a structured Yoga session, have lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is one of the body’s responses to stress, and it has been recorded that individuals reporting less stress have lower cortisol levels.
Meditation and Yoga Nidra techniques deepen your experience of relaxation and rest. During meditation and deep relaxation your body undergoes certain physiological effects which counteract the negative effects of stress; your brain activity slows down as there is an increase in alpha brain wave activity and your heartbeat and breathing rate slow down and blood lactate levels drop.

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Anxiety and stress management techniques including gentle physical exercises, breathing techniques and guided relaxation.

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